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It’s a Brain Thing

Published on August 28, 2018 in Share Your Story

My sister Cheryl Kay had been experiencing headaches for months. Nothing that a Motrin or Excedrin could just take care of. When our mother passed away 12 days before Christmas her headaches seemed to have gotten worse and we thought it was stress from missing our mom. By April she had a doctor appt and an MRI. On April 24 her world changed as she was diagnosed with a tennis ball sized tumor in the right frontal lobe of her brain. May 10 her “unicorn” was removed and the wait for pathology seemed like an eternity. Pathology report was not good. It was a stage 3 cancerous beast. Radiation Chemo and a procedure called Gamma Knife were the next big plan. My sister is the queen of themes and she embraced this new journey with a smile and a theme for each week to carry her through. We had sprinkle week because “sprinkles are for winners”She has turned her hideous unicorn into a magical colorful one. She has glowed with glow sticks and glow worms. We have rallied friends and relatives from Philadelphia to Hawaii with every theme. All the while with Cheryl Kay smiling through the pain and the unknown. She truly is our family’s warrior and my personal Wonder Woman. Her journey is still long and unsure but she will never travel alone. We love our Cheryl Kay

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