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WHAT??? I have a BRAIN TUMOR???? Again???

Published on January 26, 2015 in Share Your Story

WHAT??? I have a BRAIN TUMOR???? Again???


As a 31-year old mother of two small children, the last words I expected to hear were “You have a brain tumor.” I was driving in my minivan when I got that phone call. When I had hearing loss and saw an audiologist two weeks before, I simply thought I would be told I had an ear infection. He quickly ruled-out an infection, however, and said he wanted me to have an MRI to see if I had a brain tumor. A WHAT??? A BRAIN TUMOR??? Ridiculous! I was healthy, had no familial history of tumors of any kind, and I had history of inner ear infections. I was convinced the doctors were misdiagnosing me.

Two months after being told I had a brain tumor, I was in surgery. Neurosurgeons successfully removed a baseball-size tumor and determined it was not cancer. After 13 years of follow-up MRI appointments, I got another phone call: “It’s back.” Unbelievable! I had no symptoms, yet I had a golf ball-size tumor growing on my brain!

Despite having the tumors removed, I am still at risk for developing more. So are my children. This is why this cause is so important to me.

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