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You have a brain tumor….

Published on April 18, 2016 in Share Your Story

This is the story of my daughter Kelsey. All she ever wanted was to be a teacher, find her prince charming and become a mommy. All of her dreams were coming true until the night a neurolgist walked in and said the five words that would change her life, and the life of those who love her, forever: You have a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with a hemangioma blastoma-less than 2 weeks after giving birth. That was three years ago. She has been through 10 brain surgeries, has 2 shunts that she will need for the rest of her life, a total hip and partial knee replacement due to avascular necrosis from the massage radiation treatments and steriods she needed to save her life. The radiation also caused damage to one of her cranial nerves causing double vision. Unfortunately, the tumor was attached to her brain stem so a piece could not be removed. Radiation has decreased the piece but did not eradicate it as hoped. After a year on disability, Kelsey is teaching again and taking back controll of her life. She is an amazing mommy and the strongest person I know. She still has more surgeries in her future as her other hip and knee are breaking down but I know she will face whatever challenges lie ahead. I am so proud of Kelsey and never take one moment with her for granted. She is the light in my life-a diagnosis of a brain tumor affects so many. I pray that one day know one will ever have to hear those five words…

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