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Brain tumor at age 8

Published on July 27, 2017 in Share Your Story

When I was younger I used to get a lot of headaches and migraines. They were so bad that they would make me sick to my stomach and I missed a lot of class.

I went to an eye doctor because I could see well. He told my mom I was lying and that I was fine.

Later we went to a special optometrist and she looked and said my eyes were in sea-saw motion and told my mom to immediately take me to Johns Hopkins Hospital. They did lots of tests and found a brain tumor on my optic nerve. Surgery was scheduled for a couple days later.

After surgery, I went thru more tests and MRIs and scans – which I was never put to sleep for. I had to do several weeks of radiation which I got to leave a half a hour early for. After 10 years I am good. I have had about 100 MRIs and check ups along the way, but I’m good.

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