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Brain Tumour (AA,GBMO)

Published on February 4, 2015 in Share Your Story

Brain Tumour (AA,GBMO)


My son diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma WHO grade 3 in October 2011 when he was 29 year old. Surgery was done on 24th October 2011. Radiation therapy (IMRT) was given for 6 weeks, from 15th November 2011 to 29th December 2011. Total 60 GY of radiation, 30 fractions, each fraction 2 GY per day was given. Follow up MRI showed he was tumour free even till recently. PET MDOPA scan taken on 9th JUNE 2014 was clean. However MRI done on 1st December 2014 showed Tumour in Right Frontal Lobe, Right Basal Ganglia, anterior body of corpus callosum, Left frontal Lobe.

Surgery to remove part of the Tumour was done on 24TH December 2014. My son continues to be in the Hospital from 15th December 2014 till today 31st January 2015. Chemo with 100 mg Temodal started since 23rd January 2015. Feeding for the last one and half month is through Rice Tube. Today DR is planning to go for PEG.

Hoping and praying to God for good recovery. Any Guidance/Suggestion/Help/Idea is welcome.

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