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I Have A What In My Brain??

Published on January 2, 2018 in Share Your Story

I wanted to share my story because what I have is not something that is common. I am a lucky one in the sense that what I have can never be or turn into cancer and that within itself is wonderful!!

I was diagnosed in May of 2017 with a colloid cyst and the finding was incidental to having some visual disturbances. After a CT scan showing that I have a 9 colloid cyst in the left ventricle of my brain. I am also lucky at this time that all my ventricles are normal, there is no hydrocephalus at this time. I see a neurosurgeon at Cleveland clinic and he is doing the watch and wait treatment at this time. I wanted to share my story because I understand how frightening it is to know that there is something in my brain that should not be there and can be a serious issue at any point. but am lucky that it can never be cancerous.

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