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Published on April 15, 2018 in Share Your Story

The spring of 2006 was not the usual for the Toner family. Mothers day we received a call from my dad Buds neighbor in Florida telling us something was not normal with his routine. Living alone although very capable we were alarmed. I called and he seemed confused. We were told he was throwing everything out in the trash from his house.Took flight to Florida and when I arrived dad answered the door but was very confused and really could not speak. Made appointment with his primary who then told me that dad had dementia he was almost 80. Did not like the diagnosis so I brought him home to Pennsylvania. That is when we had to transfer him to Abington Hospital where he was diagnoed with a Glioblastoma on his left lobe. Neurologist also told us that dad had Brain Cancer and it was only in his Brain.

If he survived surgery to debulk tumor he would need treatment with Chemotherapy afterward. Bud pulled through the surgery unfortunately he never was able to recover enough to get to the next step. He was a fighter but told us six months before his illness he was tired. He told us when you get to be his age we would understand. He passed away from aspiration pnemonuia three weeks after surgery. We believe if this was ten yeas earlier it may have been different. The younger you are the more you can fight and survive this. Our hope is that treament and therapy will extend many peoples lives.

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