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What caused this?

Published on March 25, 2016 in Share Your Story

What caused this?


When I started to get headaches my ENT sent me for an MRI. I had been told by three doctors that I had sinus issues. At first my ENT thought I had sinus induced migraines but the headaches kept getting worse so he sent me to a neurologist. I was anticipating an MS diagnosis as I was starting to have issues with balance. An MRI was ordered by the neurologist. Thankfully I went the same day because once he got the results he told me to go to the nearest ER immediately. I had a small apple sized tumor that was pushing on my cerebellum and causing the balance issues. But because the tumor was a meningioma it was also causing fluid pressure in the brain (thus causing the headaches). I was put in intensive care and prescribed a steroid for the swelling until the surgery in 5 days. Because the tumor is around a major artery the doctors removed 95%. The doctor said this type tumor is usually a slow grower. If it starts to grow again I will need radiation.
I had wonderful treatment and I am back to work. This experience has made me realize how many people are diagnosed with benign tumors and how little is know about them. There needs to be more research and awareness for brain tumors. I also believe people need to be educated. People seem to think because my tumor is benign I do not need to worry.

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