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I chose to Sparkle

Published on October 12, 2018 in Share Your Story

At 35 I was diagnosed with a Grade IV glioblastoma. Statistics gave me only months to live. Instead of asking “Why me?” I chose the outlook of “Why not me?” and purposefully began seeking ways I could remain positive throughout my journey. Doctors told me 97% of glioblastoma’s return. Never one to walk away from a challenge, rather than focusing on the 97%, I determined I would be a portion of the 3%. After all, someone had to make up that 3%, why not me?

Seeing first hand the effects of a brain tumor, I decided to make a difference. I started Sparkle Bright Foundation which focuses on my ability to “Sparkle.” Despite the odds, I approached the dismal diagnosis with a positive attitude and a will to fight. However, at times, I simply needed more than her my will. Many people assisted to create moments, experiences, gifts and other acts of kindness that allowed me to self-generate positive emotions and preserve my Sparkle.

In addition to funding research, Sparkle Bright seeks to provide these moments, experiences, gifts and other acts of kindness (“Sparkles”) to brain tumor patients in order to create optimism, positive emotions, and that extra bit of will to keep going, which we hope will allow he/she to have a better quality of life after diagnosis. From a motivational point of view, a Sparkle can be seen as a motivator for coping and hope for the future.

Opinions expressed within this story belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of the National Brain Tumor Society.

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