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Christmas Eve

Published on February 4, 2015 in Share Your Story

Christmas Eve


I had been getting occasional migraines for roughly a year, some so bad I would get sick. I told my mom and she said that my father used to get those, so I chalked it up to genes! Then around December 20, 2013 the headaches would not quit. I was starting to lose vision in my right eye, and knew that something was not right. My friend recommended that I go to Will’s Eye in Philadelphia. I went December 24, 2013.

After an MRI, they found a large mass on the right frontal cortex of my brain and would not let me leave. I had surgery on December 27 and the surgeon told me that I won the award for biggest brain tumor of the year, about the size of a tennis ball (he is a funny man). As it turns out it was a grade 2 oligodendroglioma. After getting three opinions, I decided to just take chemotherapy because this type responds well to it. I skipped the radiation. My treatment now consists of chemo pills 5 days per month. I started in March 2014 with the idea it’d last one year. I also have MRIs every 3 months and a consultation with my doctor. Next one is next week- cheers to some clean images!! My doc will also let me know how long I will have to continue with pills.

I find myself very lucky because I am able to maintain my daily life: I work, exercise, spend time with family, etc. Going through this experience has made me a more mindful person and I feel that I am able to live in the present. I appreciate each day that I have on this earth!

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