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Comeback Kid

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Comeback Kid


My daughter Megan was diagnosed with an astrocytoma last year in December, then again this year in January. She has had a total of three surgeries. There were never any symptoms; had she not gotten hit in the head by a basketball while cheering at her game we may never have known there was a lime size tumor in her head until it was too late. Megan has never been a quitter. She was told she had to work hard to come back to being herself before the tumor. With determination and courage she did just that. She is still involved in sports and stays active.

I would just like everyone to know that during these trying times it is very important to have a strong support team. Family and friends, doctors and nurses, and therapists. Anyone who has been diagnosed needs to be surrounded by encouragement, caring, and love. Helping someone stay upbeat and positive goes a long way in the quality of life they experience when having to deal with this. It’s so very important to get support from everyone around you.

And I’ll never forget the feelings my daughter went through after being abandoned by her so-called friends when she was in the hospital and even when she came home. Just because she simply wasn’t like them anymore as they put it. So I would like to stress to everyone how very important it is to realize how deeply being diagnosed and having to deal with a brain tumor affects your life. Fortunately my daughter found some REAL friends who totally were there for her after her third surgery. Just remember their are people out there to talk to for everyone, find a support group, get involved. Read up about the illness as much as you can so you will know what that person is going though and put yourself in their shoes. Support Support Support!

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