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My dad the infallible

Published on April 23, 2017 in Share Your Story

My story begins as so many others with this terrible tumor. One of complete shock. My daddy is 69 years old. A man who has spent his entire life taking care of himself physically and mentally. He has no other medical conditions. So our shock hits mid December 2016. We think daddy has had a stroke. He is sent to Dallas where they repair the bleed, leave the bone out and within a couple weeks he is sent home. Showing signs of deterioration, we were told from the bleed. Fast forward several weeks after the bone is replaced and he is sent home yet again. It is a rapid decline escalating to where almost all speech and motor functions are gone. Now we are here right now. A week ago we were told daddy is terminal. In the back of my mind I knew, but that slap to the face and sheer helpless feeling. Combined with little information other than basic or pseudo info. We are terrified. Daddy opted to have a surgery to remove the grapefruit size tumor. It was a success and for the first time in months he seems more himself. But as we all know it’s a bandaid on a leaky dam.

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