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Published on October 11, 2015 in Share Your Story



Hey everyone! My Dad was on holiday seeing his family in Australia and had 2 days of confusion, then suffered a large seizure. He was found to have a glastoblioma, and we all flew out to be with him before his surgery (travel insurance was very kind and covered my Mum as carer, and their return to the UK first class!). He has had 2 debalking surgeries and a large seizure since, and fights hard to keep making progress. After his first surgery and return to the UK be was full of joy and saw the experience (and terminal diagnosis) as a life experience, and something to be embraced. As time goes on I do believe he keeps that attitude, but the fight to be positive is exhausting for him, and he can be angry and bitter towards his carer (Mum) and the people who love him. Moods change and swing, and we can have lovely times still, but the disease is relentless and seems to me attacking his determination to be positive and reflective. It makes sense; after all the tumour is damaging the brain. He is starting councilling soon, and I think anyone in the situation, and their families consider councilling – it is needed in such hard times! Love continues nonetheless. Love to you all, and good luck!! 🙂

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