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Published on February 4, 2015 in Share Your Story



My four kids and I went to visit my parents for Easter and dad was acting strange—he didn’t know where he was, what to do, or who I was. He was confused and disorientated which was odd for a 66 year old who had always been on point. 36 hours later he was having brain surgery only to be diagnosed with stage 4 GBM. The six months following were filled with anguish and uncertainty as mom went back to work and I became his full time nurse. The Cancer took over and my sweet, docile, articulate father transformed. With mom having to work full time she was cheated of his last moments—but probably better off as we all know what this sickness entails. When he passed, mom and I were holding his hands. He didn’t want to die but the pain was just too great. My advice for anyone dealing with this disease—either as a survivor or a caretaker is to never give up. Love never dies. Keep fighting. We will find our answers.

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