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My Daddy’s Journey

Published on May 27, 2015 in Share Your Story

My Daddy’s Journey


My daddy started having severe headaches that would not go away. With doctor visits they prescribed Tylenol which of course would not help. I told my mom I don’t have a good feeling. My dad never got sick much less had a headache. He was taken to the ER where they found a tumor. Immediately, he was taken to Harris in Fort Worth and had surgery later on that morning. The result cancer. 90 percent was taken out and chemo/radiation followed.

Following MRI’s, the headache came back, and I took him to Oklahoma: Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The second surgery, all of his tumor came out, leaving him paralyzed and his mind was not all there. Rehab did no good. This all began in 2013 and he was given 6 months but my daddy fought.

Finally, in 2015 nothing else could be done. His deadly tumor kept growing. He lost his battle on March 24, 2015. 64 years old. Glioblastoma is one of the hardest and deadliest brain cancers out there. It took away my daddy too soon. He never gave up. He had faith. He fought all the way until his last breath. My mother was by his side 24/7. We tried all we could.

He is no longer in pain and in a better place. The last few months were the hardest. He, at times, didn’t remember much and it wasn’t him anymore. I miss him dearly. My daddy was one of the greatest men ever as a father, husband, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, nephew. and friend.

I love you daddy.

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