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The day my life changed forever

Published on September 23, 2015 in Share Your Story

The day my life changed forever


May of 2010 I was being treated for adult ADHD when the doctor incidentally discovered through an MRI I had a very large brain tumor. I had been diagnosed to have an acoustic neuroma and was told I would lose hearing in my left ear and facial movement on the left side due to the size of the tumor. It was said to have been growing for 15 years.

Since having had it my life has become very challenging. Having to be medicated so much tons of doctors. People unfortunately are not always nice. My pain was unbearable for 3 years after. Having to spend the majority of time in a quiet setting helped. Then slowly got better and better. I now receive botox for pain and facial esthetics which help me a great deal. Not to mention now I am 5 years later and I face social challenges, dating is especially hard. When I meet people I always get looks. So I explain and I am okay with it.

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