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The day my life forever changed

Published on March 22, 2016 in Share Your Story

The day my life forever changed


My story starts on April 24th 2013. I went in for an eye check up (my eye left eye had begun to wonder) and was immediately sent for a CT Scan. As I laid in the hallways for the results every thought crossed my mind exempt the words “you have a brain tumor, that needs to be removed now”. Since then my life has forever changed.
I immediately under went a 4 hour surgery in which they were able to remove a piece of the tumor while a remainder of it still remains today. My life is not , nor will it ever be the same. I have a disease called Addisions as well as Hypopituitarism with an adrenal insufficiency.
I’ve under gone radiation therapy to help shrink the remainder of the tumor but to our surprise it was not successful.
I will be under doctors care for the rest of my life, medicated and checked every 6 months.
I’ve slowly learned to cope with these life changes but one thing is for sure if it wasn’t for my faith and the work that was done on the cross for my sake I would not be the woman I am today.

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