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The Day That Changed My Life

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

The Day That Changed My Life


At the age of 20 I started to have episodes where I could not understand what people were saying to me. This happened for months and I had no idea what was happening or why. One day I got to work and had this feeling come on, so I walked down the hall towards the bathroom to splash water on my face, the next think I know I am in an ambulance being rushed to the hospital. I don’t remember what happened but I what I later found out is that I had a seizure and blacked out, dislocated my elbow had blood all over my face and I peed my pants. As if this wasn’t scary enough I was later diagnosed with a tumor in my left temporal lobe (which explains why I couldn’t understand what people were saying to me). A few months later I had brain surgery at Mass General Hospital to have the tumor removed. Thankfully the tumor was benign. My recovery was slow but good (not being able to drive or celebrate my 21st birthday was a little tough, but I was alive). I am now 12 years tumor free and healthy. However, my great aunt was just diagnosed with a tumor in her brain stem and I am now raising money for the Boston Brain Tumor Walk because some people are not as lucky as I was!

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