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Dear Momma

Published on February 6, 2019 in Share Your Story

Where do I begin.

Well, my mom was diagnosed in January 2018 and sadly she passed away July 4t, 2018… ironically the day my family for many years have chosen to celebrate her mother’s legacy to the family by bringing everyone together.  This is not easy, being there is so many of us with extensions of extensions of family, lol. My mother, Marilyn “Murph” Jack, was a true caretaker at heart. She worked for the NYCHA development and retired as a caretaker.

When not working, my mother took in any and everybody and was a phenomenal cook. I would like to say the best, but I am biased.I will say she missed her financial calling, as many was hooked on her collard greens baked macaroni and cheese corn bread potato salad..the list is endless! I kid you not,  my family cooks, but she was something out of this world. She truly lived her life doing what she did best, and that was taking care of her children, grandchildren, family, friends and then some. She fought the good fight all the way up to the end, which was bittersweet. To see her suffer was hard, to see her go was harder, but being from a family of believers of Christ, we know herr mother, the former matriarch of the Jack family,  was waiting for her at those pearly gates. I don’t know how I will continue to go on without my mom, but I know I will because I know she would she wouldn’t stop trying she wouldn’t stop living she wouldn’t stop taking care of people she wouldn’t stop being GREAT so for her I live to tell her story not just her brain tumor story but her life story MARILYN “MURPH” JACK!

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