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Devastated by a meningioma\

Published on April 25, 2019 in Share Your Story

In 2011, I woke up while being put into an ambulance.

Within the next hour, while still very groggy and sweaty, I learned I had a gran mal seizure caused by a brain tumor the size of a plum. I had surgery, May 6th, my birthday. I was told that I would be in the hospital about 5 weeks and need in-patient rehabilitation. Never in my mind’s eye did I imagine the scope or depths of the therapies I would undergo just to get back basic functions.

I couldn’t speak. I had to relearn how to use the toilet and the sink. The only blessings were that my mind couldn’t process the losses. I suffered with infections and needed 2 emergency surgeries but had to return to work in September or I would lose my job. I was able to work for a few years until I was fired for poor performance. I suffer with seizure disorder and headaches now as well as a poor memory. I have a masters degree and now struggle with word finding but now, I recognize my weaknesses. I also appreciate life. I thank God for the doctors and medicines that keep me as healthy as I can be. I have a great neurosurgeon that I have to see every 6 months or so probably for the rest of my life! It’s not known what causes mengiomas, they can’t tell me if it will return! More research towards this end is needed.

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