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I didn’t know I had a brain tumor until I was 29 years old.

Published on December 24, 2014 in Share Your Story

I didn’t know I had a brain tumor until I was 29 years old.


I’m 33 years old, I found out about my brain tumor when the ceiling in my laundry room of my apartment collapsed 5 years ago. The doctors have never seen a person with a tumor size 42cm x 40cm x 38cm who didn’t know it!! The tumor is also called an epidermoid cyst. I have 5 small tumors in my nasal cavity then the tumor has wrapped itself around the nerves behind my left eye from there it goes through my ear canal, finally wrapping itself around my brain stem because of that my spine is totally straight! I’ve had brain surgery and will have to have it every 5 to 10 years. I take 3000mg of seizure medicine a day plus other medicines because my brain is in a constant state of seizure. I’m extremely clumsy because of the tumor I’ve broken both ankles, my foot and both wrists. My surgeons say for the exact length of the tumor to be known my brain will have to be cut in half. I’m very blessed. The doctors said someone in my condition would usually have a hard time walking and talking, but I walk and talk just like a normal person. GOD IS GREAT!! Thank you for your time.

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