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Do Not Stop Living

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Do Not Stop Living


In 2003, I began to have vertigo when I would do sit-ups or roll over in bed. I visited a neurologist who ordered an MRI to rule out thyroid disease, MS and/or Lyme disease. I went for the MRI on a Friday and by Monday I had a message requesting that I call back regarding the results. No hints, just, “Please call us back when you get this message.” By Tuesday morning, I was told a brain tumor was on my brain stem. I learned of my diagnosis with my boyfriend (now husband), mom, dad, and aunt by my side. I believe strongly in the power of prayer and positive thinking and was very lucky to have so many friends and family pulling for me. I never stopped living my life. I still get a little bit nervous before my check-ups (now every 5 years). Having a brain tumor has changed my life and brought much joy to it. I still have the same flaws as any other person. However, I don’t get as nervous for the doctor as I used to and I laugh at the saying, “It’s not brain surgery.”

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