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Ellen’s Story

Published on September 23, 2015 in Share Your Story

Ellen’s Story


It was the first week in August. The whole family was getting ready for my brothers wedding. My mom had a really bad sinus infection or so we thought. On Saturday the 8th my brother got married. My mother still feeling horrible wouldn’t miss that for the world. August 9th we had a breakfast for the newlyweds, and my mom looked worse then the day before.

We took her to the hospital and there they did a ct scan and found the tumor in her brain. They said it was about a size of a ping pong ball and it was at the back of her brain, a very difficult spot. She went ahead and did surgery to try and remove the tumor but could only remove 70% of it, because of the spot it was in.

The weeks after that were the worst, she ended up having a stroke in her brain a day after surgery. She was able to move her whole left side. Was not able to talk and pretty much slept the whole time. She was finally out of icu when she had a seizure and then we had no other choice then to put her on hospice and she ended up passing away September 3rd. This is the story about how my mom fought and lost to brain cancer.

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