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Engr.Saba Mehwish Noor

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Engr.Saba Mehwish Noor


I have done my BS in computer system engineering and now I am student of MS (computer system engineering). I have benign brain tumors but it re-grow again and again because it is complicated to remove my tumor completely because of the place of my tumor. My tumor is 1st time diagnosed in last semester of my BS engineering in 2012. After surgery my right eye was close but after 4 months of my 1st surgery my eye was open but after 6 month of my 1st surgery my tumor re-grow and my 2nd surgery done after my 2nd surgery my right eye was again close and now 11 months completed of my 2nd surgery but my eye is still close and now doctor suggest me again to do MRI and test in next month for checking whether tumor is again re-grow or not. I am very worried for that please pray for me all of you a lot.

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