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Everyone Deserves a Fair Fight

Published on November 22, 2023 in Share Your Story

Guest Author: Megan G. in Kentucky

I lost my Dad to GBM in 2019. He was 68 years old and had just retired from general surgery. He dedicated his life to saving the lives of others and GBM took him from us in only 9 months. To watch my brilliant father lose the very essence of who he was to GBM before it took his life was something I don’t think I will ever truly recover from. His battle with GBM was not a fair fight. The current standard of care is ineffective and there is no cure. We need to do more. We *have* to do more. In memory of the people we have lost and in honor of those still fighting.

Opinions expressed within this story belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of the National Brain Tumor Society.

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