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Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story



My family’s journey started in September of 1991 when my older brother was diagnosed with an astrocytomas. He was given 2-3 yrs. We were crushed. I’m happy to say, by the Grace of God, he is still here with us. It’s not been an easy road. In 2001, we were hit with another bombshell. Our older sister collapsed at work. She was diagnosed with a Oligo and given 5-10 yrs. My sister’s struggle lasted until Nov. 28 2003. In 2013 our cousin was rushed to the hospital with flu like symptoms. They found a 2 in. tumor that needed to be removed immediately. Her struggle has just began. So I’m walking in Honor of my Brother and in Memory of my Sissy and in honor of my cousin. We need a cure!!

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