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This feisty girl is back!

Published on June 13, 2017 in Share Your Story

So I wrote my first story a year ago. I was diagnosed with brain cancer, went through the whole chemo, radiation treatment, and now I am on the Optune device to keep this cancer at bay. Glioblastoma has a high reoccurrence rate.
So I was moving right along and passed my 1 year mark of being “cancer free”. And BAM!!!!!!!, there is a new spot in my brain! WTH!! My doctors plan was to target this one spot and give it a high dose of radiation. Once and done. Well I received the radiation and had the first MRI since, the doctors said the cancer is doing what it is suppose to do. It is swelling. I’m looking forward to having the summer off from school. Hopefully it will disapate itself. Stay tuned. See you at the walk!

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