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This Feisty Girl!

Published on October 5, 2016 in Share Your Story

So my story began in November, 2015 when I started to “not” feel like myself. It was weird. I had stomach pain but it more bothersome then anything. My family Dr. Brushed it off that something must have been bothering me, like my daughter going to college or that maybe something was going on at school. So I left with no diagnosis. Around Christmas I found myself back at the Dr. They did some test, like gall stones etc. but nothing! I guess 3 times was a charm, because this time I went with my husband. He gave the Dr. More insight, I was forgetful more then normal, and I drag one of my feet when I walked. Didn’t realize that!!!!! He ordered a CAT scan right away.

When I went for the CAT scan, I knew something was wrong right away because the technician asked me if I ever had head trauma when I came out!! She said it was a routine question, but I find that hard to believe as someone comes OUT of a scan. The Dr. Called me in the next day. This is the day I left school and never returned until September of this year. As my husband and I sat in the office, he explained that I had a tumor. Now I needed another team of Doctors, something I wasn’t used to. With a lot of help, we found the best team. They ordered an MRI and this told us what kind of Cancer and how bad. I needed brain surgery, the tumor was located in my left temporal behind my eye. It was malignant.

I still didn’t understand the magnitude of this. My surgery was March 2. Well, 4 weeks after the surgery they started me on radiation and the chemo pill. I endured 6 weeks of this. My treatment now is the Optune device. This device sends magnetic impulses through arrays that are places on my head. They stop any cancerous cells from growing. It’s amazing because it only targets the bad cells. In order for this to be effective, I must wear these arrays on my shaved head 18 hrs. A day. I have a new way of life. I have to shave my head 2xs a week and wear a wig or scarf to cover the arrays. My cancer has a 70% chance of reoccurring , that’s why I am on this device. So far, so good, though.

I’ve had 2 MRIs and no sign of growth, the MRIs are clean! I won’t give in to cancer, I have to much to live for!! I have a husband who has been amazing, jumping right in and 2 children. I want to see where life leads them, I can’t give up…….they still need me!! And I still need them!!! I love them dearly!! One of my friends just told me the other day, that the reason my family and friends and getting through this is because my positivity! If I can’t smile and laugh, then I will cry. I’ve had my times, but I am here and that’s what counts!

Good luck to the others that endure Cancer, I’ll be praying for you!

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