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Fight against GBM

Published on March 25, 2016 in Share Your Story

Fight against GBM


On October 13, 2014 my baby sister, my only sibling was diagnosed with GBM and met Jesus face to face on her youngest sons 16th birthday November 23, 2015. Prior very healthy.Two days before experience sinus infection like symptoms. I’ve been a nurse for 28 years and after her journey I’ve researched GBM for a year. She had 2 separate tumor removals, then had more inoperable tumors show up. She went through chemo and radiation, they said it was being fed by her spinal fluid. She applied for the Clinical trial at Duke University but by the time she received approval he is was in Hospice Care. This is Not Rare! It is resistant to Chemo and radiation. True life span 14.6 months. In Honor and memory of my sister Kristi, I’d like to see clinical trials without placebos offered in every state, more research and awareness. This is my mission!

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