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GBM Erased My Dad

Published on February 17, 2015 in Share Your Story

GBM Erased My Dad


My dear sweet father was diagnosed with GBM 4 in October 2011. As with most who suffer from this horrific form of cancer, my dad deteriorated very quickly and was on to heaven on October 21, 2012. I suppose having your loved one for a year after such a diagnosis could be seen as a blessing, however, watching this brilliant man – who was a fine artist, held double Master’s degrees, an art teacher, and an incredible father – disappear as a human was so painful. This tumor, which grew exponentially and very rapidly, essentially wiped out who he was. I watched as this disease turned him into someone I no longer knew. At first, it seemed as though he had a form of dementia; he was forgetful, disoriented, confused, and generally not able to comprehend the most basic of tasks. Then, as the tumor grew, he was no longer able to recognize his family, most of the time, nor was he able to care for himself in any way. This was so painful to watch unfold. When you think of your father, you think of strength, you think of stability, you think of your hero. The FDA and AMA need to dedicate more funds and research to find a cure, or at the very least a way to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with this disease.

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