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GBM Go Home!

Published on April 28, 2017 in Share Your Story

My name is Jack, and I am currently eleven years old. I started this campaign because my grandpa passed away from a GBM grade 4 tumor.

He was only 66

I was only 10

I watched him deteriorate with my own eyes
He went from the very expressive man he used to be, to the man who couldn’t form a sentence without me shouting out guesses about what he was trying to say.
I aspire to go to Harvard Medical School to become a neurosurgeon and remove tumors before they spread.
I am collecting donations that will go to the National Brain Tumor Society, which is the largest nonprofit dedicated to this disease.

Please donate:

All of your donations are deeply appreciated by me, and all of the patients and their families that are out there.

Thank you so much!

Jack Saliba

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