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GBM Grade IV

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

GBM Grade IV


My story started off in Sept 2013. Just found I was pregnant with my sixth child, and I stated get this really bad headaches so bad I couldn’t walk with every step I could feel l the pressure increasing. Then my right leg got weak every day it was weaker went to the emergency room they just gave me s pain pill and sent me home. So in a few days my right arm started I couldn’t wright brush my teeth I thought I’d had a stroke went back and this time the did a ct scan and found a large mass in my left frontal lobe this was the 25th the transferred me to the university of Illinois Chicago hospital were id had brain surgery the surgery went well they removed most of the tumor.

I was 31, been married only six months when I told me it was cancer: GBM grade IV that the survival rate was low about a year the same day I was told I had lost my baby the pregnancy want viable. I was devastated. That’s been almost a year ago. I’ve fished radiation and chemotherapy and my tumor hasn’t shrank any, but thankfully it’s hasn’t grown either. Our life’s changed so much. I appreciate every day now and I’m so thankful I know so many others are not as lucky as I’ve been.

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