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Germinoma Survivor

Published on October 21, 2019 in Share Your Story

I am a 4 year survivor of Germinoma.

I was diagnosed back in June 2015. It all started when I started getting vertigo at my office along with double vision. I realized there was something wrong when I got a bad vertigo spell when I was out with my now wife and in-laws. I called my primary care physician and he told me to get a CT scan.

After getting the results, he told me to immediately go to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital to get an MRI. After going in for the MRI, the neurologist came out to me and my family and told me I had a tumor and that I would need to have surgery to get a biopsy.

After the successful brain surgery, I was told that I would need 25 rounds of proton therapy. I underwent 25 rounds of proton treatment and have been in remission since October 2015. Since then, I have gotten married, adopted a dog, bought a house, and am now expecting my first child with my wife.

I now work for a company providing insurance solutions exclusively for nonprofit organizations, trying to help as many as I can. I am truly blessed and lucky to be in the situation I am.

I owe it to my wife, my family, the team at the University of Pennsylvania’s neurology and radiation oncology department, and most importantly, God.

 – Joseph Doran

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