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God’s plan for my life

Published on May 18, 2016 in Share Your Story

My story started when I was in 2nd grade. I had just started 2nd grade I thought I was on top of the world. 2 weeks into 2nd grade I started having headaches. Severe headaches. I didn’t know this much pain was possible. I was the kind of kid that wanted relief from the pain, but never wanted to take medication. Well, I was begging for medicine. Mom said okay, something is wrong with this child, she wants to take medicine. So the next morning we saw our ped. doctor and she wanted an MRI to be on the safe side.

A week later results are back. “Your daughter has a brain tumor”. We were shocked. How could this happen to me, I have always been a perfectly healthy child, until now. We saw the neurologist and said that it is the size of a large grape. About 2 1/2 cm in width. We then proceeded with surgery. My scar is from one ear to the other. I stayed in the hospital for appox. 3-4 months. i hated hospitals at this point, but my journey did not end there. After this incident i had to have an annual MRI to see if it has come back. Well in 2012 I was in 8th grade. We got another call. “your daughters brain tumor has come back again. It is smaller but in the same exact location as before. Once again we proceed with surgery. Same scar as the 1st time. This time they sent me home THE DAY AFTER MY SURGERY!

Yeah i know right. We are like what, do you realize that i just had major brain surgery. yes your fine go home. well the next day my head hurt ore than it had been and it was swelling on the line of the incision. we went to the Emergency room. Oh your fine go home. It proceeded to swell, we went back 3 times, your okay. Well the 4th time we saw a different doctor and i woke up and found out that i had just had emergency surgery.

I had an infection. I spent 3 more months in the hospital. Well in 2015 we saw the orthopedic doctor because I was having problems with my hips because I didn’t have to right hormones to close my joints all the way as a result of my previous surgeries. Well I had pins and wires put in both hips in 2015. it was hard but not as trying as the brain surgeries. Just as i thought life was getting back to normal they found another brain tumor. Same place same kind. This time instead of doing surgery a fourth time we decided to take a different approach to this perserverant tumor. We were refered to Dr. G(no one can pronounce his name). He sent us to The Proton Therapy Institute.

As of today I have 9 treatments left. It is similar to radiation but less side affects and every one there makes you feel like family. Well, that is my story and I know others have it worse. But God will take dirt (us) and put us under pressure (trials) and make us diamonds. If we had it our way we wouldn’t have trials in life. But then we would just be dirt. God puts us under pressure to become greater than we could have imagined. Persaerverence will get you places, and so will God.

Opinions expressed within this story belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views or opinions of the National Brain Tumor Society.

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