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My Headache (Tumor)

Published on September 25, 2015 in Share Your Story

My Headache (Tumor)


In March of 2011 I started having lots of headaches. My doctor asked me what I was taking. I said lots of medicine but nothing was working and the pain was bad in my brain. They decided to try some medicine first before a MRI was done but the medicine did not work for me. So the beginning of April of 2011 I went for my first MRI. It took place that morning. By that afternoon, my doctor called my cell. I’m sorry but you have a brain tumor and we don’t know if it is cancer.

I was scared. So she sent me to another doctor at the Barret Center at UC. He looked at my file and told me it was on my memories and motor functions. And that it can’t be removed but no cancer. It’s a slow growing tumor and an inch in size. My life is all about medicine and living in a dark house. No surgery for the future. And I will slowly lose my memories. I’m on Topamax the highest dose.

I live one day at a time. Not only do I have a tumor but now my husband has one and so does my mom. I have a good support team!

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