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Hope Love Faith

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Hope Love Faith


My mother, Kathe was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor in 2010 and sadly lost her battle on March 31, 2012. Her diagnosis was a huge surprise to all of us since there were no symptoms except on a June day, she reached for her glass and missed it after a couple of tries. My mom and I were the best friends; we were shopping buddies, went out to lunch frequently and did mother daughter things.

Watching my mother slowly die from brain cancer just broke my heart, especially when I had to say my final goodbye-I Loved her very much. The only thing really helped me through the difficult time was my Faith in God. Seeing my mom act a complete stranger (the tumor started to invade in the emotion area of the brain) was heart wrenching; she would go into anger fits and pick fights with everyone close to her, including me. There were times where I told God, “I just want to throw in the towel-I’m done.” and He would send a reminder He is there and helping me through it. And He was there when He took my mother His home. Now I have the Hope that I will see my mom again some day, and that takes some of the pain away.

A year after my mom died, I started to realize that everywhere I saw, I saw pink and I thought to myself, “Would it be nice to see gray everywhere and on the NFL football players?” Thats when I decided to run the Race for Hope DC in 2014 to raise more awareness of brain cancer. I formed a small team and began my personal awareness campaign. In May, my family (they walked) and I ran the race and when I crossed the finish line, my emotions went wild and happy tears came. Having a loved one with brain cancer, not only affect them, it affects the loved ones around them.

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