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My husband died of brain cancer when he was 48

Published on August 11, 2016 in Share Your Story

My husband lived for 18 months from diagnosis. One day we were just spending the day together and going to “check out” why he was feeling weird sensations. Dragging right foot, slight headaches. Next thing we knew… He had many tumors in his brain. My world stopped. I could not stop crying. I knew he would not live. 4 children. The youngest was 16. It was hell. I hate brain cancer. I hate cancer. It’s been a hard road. I can still cry just talking about it… Even though I’ve fallen in love again with a wonderful man who lost his wife to breast cancer. It was a miracle to have love again but my kids won’t have their daddy when they get married. They won’t be able to show him their babies… It is still hard, and it’s been 8 years. I’d love to write a book some day.

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