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I’m still here

Published on October 1, 2018 in Share Your Story

December 23 of 2005, I shall never forget. People talk about how they will never forget 9/11, well I understand. My Tumorversary, Dec of 2005 my life changed and it was for the better not worst. I look to that date with gladness in my heart because I get to do what a lot of people need to do, which is slow down. I know I’m supposed to share my story and I will but first let me share what I can do now. I see the world in it’s true beauty; I can spend time reading the Bible and building a real relationship with God, not a relationship where I quote scripture and live a certain way in front of people. Watch documentaries and see the pain of people. Travel, see different parts of the world. Yes, I walk with a limp, yes I get extremely emotional, yes I see double at a distance and when I’m tired it gets closer, yes I dont drive, yes I’m divorced with four kids. All those things are depressing to think about, eww I hate it because it reminds me of the past. Getting a ependymoma brain tumor at the age of 30 sucked. “I” had lots of plans but God wasn’t in none of those. So what I see is the world is messed up and disabled because now my eyes has truly been opened to how things are supposed to be. I get to build relationships with family and friends. Wow, this tumor has been a blessing to me because at my tumor support group I get to be that light. And if I never had a tumor then I wouldn’t had never had the opportunity to encourage others.

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