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In Memory of My Sweet Leah

Published on October 23, 2014 in Share Your Story

In Memory of My Sweet Leah


Nov 2012 my daughter had brain surgery after they found a mass on her left side of her brain! Never had any symptoms but passed out one morning, while having a seizure She had the tumor removed, it was totally encapsulated! She went through 32 rounds of radiation, and 14 month of chemo (Avastin and Temedor). She finished her chemo on feb 24th 2014, last MRI in March was clear like all the others before! We thought now she could concentrate on living a life without chemo and cancer. Around the middle of April she started to become weaker, her left side which had been affected by the previous tumor, started to become more weak with every day. Also she had more moments of not remembering things! We thought that those were all the aftermath of the chemo and maybe from the radiation. She had a doctor visit on the 8th of May, he looked very worried when he saw Leah! Ordered an earlier MRI then planed originally! Then the horrible news : there was a new tumor, very large and in a position now that there was no surgery or radiation possible!! The only choice, trying to shrink it down with more chemo! Leah passed away on 8/7 2014, a week ago! Within three month this monster GBM had taken her life! She never even had a chance! Seeing her wasting away, losing her ability to speak, walk, interact with her family, eat, drink was the most horrific thing ever!! She was robbed of her young life by this horrific disease!! She finished high school and went to her prom already back in the fight of her life! Words can’t describe how heart broken I am! Preparing her memorial service now instead of sending her off to college.

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