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The Invincible Dante

Published on March 12, 2015 in Share Your Story


The Invincible Dante


Dante Zelaya is an intelligent, strong, and caring young man. At 16-years-old and a junior in High School. On January 31, 2015 Dante was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor, Germinoma. After complaining of massive headaches and double vision he was taken to the emergency department. An MRI revealed a tumor by the pineal gland and Dante subsequently had brain surgery. It was discovered that a Germinoma is a germ cell tumor of the central nervous system, and occurs in children ages 10-21 and in only very few cases. Dante has already undergone invasive surgery, and has begun chemotherapy. Radiation is schedule once chemotherapy is completed.

Dante plays football for the Sunnyside High School Blue Devils and is a straight A student in honor classes at Sunnyside High School. He is a proud member of his church youth group. He is a participant in the TRIO program with Pima Community College, and has high aspirations of studying aerospace engineering in college, with dreams of attending Texas A&M University.

He lives with his mom, Joanne. As a single mother, Joanne has not left her son’s side at all as he is moving toward recovery.

“We don’t know how strong we are….until being strong is the only choice we have.” Dante is in positive spirits and is determined to beat this horrible monster. He has taken surgery, chemo and all the medications like a true warrior and champ that he is. He has not once complained or has questioned “WHY ME?” Dante is determined to go back to school his senior year and graduate with his class and move forward with college.

Please follow Dante through his journey with cancer on Face Book at The Invincible Dante. You can also contribute to his medical fund at

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