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It Takes Time

Published on November 5, 2014 in Share Your Story

It Takes Time


One month ago from today on July 7, 2014 I had my surgery for Meningioma of the right temple. My tumor was the size of a golf ball. I am still in recovery. I found out 4 years ago about my tumor and each year I had a MRI until 2012 when I could not spend the additional money to have one. With my family insisting I have one in 2014 I found out my tumor had grown 8 times the size and needed to be removed. I am a survivor! I still have more healing to do and patience I have found is important in the process. I have a wonderful support group which has been important for my healing. I still will need to have MRI’s each year and I recommend you do this regardless of the cost. I am happy I found out about this support group and looking forward to walking next year!

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