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Jennifer’s Journey

Published on July 19, 2020 in Share Your Story

My daughter Jennifer was diagnosed with GBM March 2018.

After undergoing much testing she entered into a study group relating to her upcoming surgery. She had to drink a radioactive ingredient to highlight the tumor. Surgery went well and was home 4 days post-op.

She required chemo and radiation treatments. She weathered these treatments relatively well. We had a great support team. She put her treatment on hold for 1 week in July 2018 for a family cruise. She did well and rested as needed.

In August 2018 she started to have some symptoms. An MRI revealed that the tumor was relocating in the brain stem. There was really no treatment that would not make the situation better. Her quality of life went downhill rather quickly and our hearts were breaking.

She was a beloved daughter, sister, wife and loving mother of 2 boys. At the age of 48, in January of 2019, she passed away at home peacefully. There is not a time that she is not thought of and remembered.

– Sandi

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