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Jugular schawannoma

Published on August 1, 2016 in Share Your Story

August 1 -2016 by 4 am woke up with sudden noise right ear , was musical ,and my audibility was down,same ear, here was three type of noise appreciated, well as i was ENT surgeon I got a PTA test found that very mild low frequency HL right at 20 HZ, left normal, DID a MRI BRain with contrast – found extra cranial jugular schwannoma right 3.2mm,2.1, mm1.1mm, well I headed to Hinduja Hospital Mumbai , was scheduled for craniotomy -infra labyrinthine approach- OCTOBER 15/2015 Surgery lasted 7 hours, before surgery guess with surgical knowledge ,I was under the impression that after surgery I will end up with facial palsy, slurring speech, swallowing disability,voice loss , walking disabilty, even trachesomy,was even stroke during surgery-OUR GOD YAW-EH ,PRECIOUS JESUS CHRIST WALKED WITH ME DURING MY SURGERY-MY NEUROSURGEON , DR B.K MISRA -WAS SURPRISED POST OPERATIVE INSPECTION I COULD TALK, COUGH, SWALLOW[THOUGH HAD FEEDING NASAL STOMACH TUBE/RT] AND NO FACIAL PALSY EXCEPT SAME TINNITUS RIGHT SIDE OF HEAD.RT REMOVED 4TH DAY , WALKED BACK HOME-REPEAT MRI SHOWED REMNANT LESION 1.1MM..1X1 DID GAMMA THERAPY ,LAST APRIL 2016, NOW ONLY HEARING LOSS RIGHT EAR WITH LOUD TINNITUS,WITH PRESSURE SENSATION

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