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Kyle’s Brain tumor

Published on January 29, 2015 in Share Your Story

Kyle’s Brain tumor


Hi, My name is Kyle Mulligan. I am 27 years old. 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor after I had what I thought was a migraine that brought me to the doctor and he ordered an mri that showed an Oligodendroglioma in my right temporal lobe. I had an MRI every 6 months to watch it. Thankfully it didn’t grow much at all but late last year I started having frequent seizures and spent a lot of time in the hospital. Surgery was scheduled For December 11 and here I am! It’s been an incredibly tough journey post-op. I’ve been so tired since surgery, I lost peripheral vision in my left eye, my balance was bad for a while. I’ve since started walking on my own again. my short term memory is also pretty bad, and of course I have a consistent pretty bad headache, and I just don’t quite feel myself. I have physical therapy 2 times a week which has helped with my balance and low energy level. I still can’t be left alone yet. So, while my wife (who has been so strong and meant so much to me and my recovery) is at work, I stay at my parents. H have good days and bad days full of tears of frustration. With the help of my great, supportive family, especially my parents and my wonderful, aforementioned wife I am staying as positive as I can while I push through and recover from surgery and get back to my normal life.

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