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The last 7 years.

Published on October 22, 2018 in Share Your Story

Hi, my name is Lisa.

I am 49 and had a 11 hour operation 7 years ago to remove a huge mengoma brain tumour.. thank God it was benign and my kids have they mum.. but still life has changed so much…

I have been left with headaches every minute of every day.. my medication I have tried…. has stopped working as my body has got use to it.
4 weeks ago I had a ketamine infusion and I feel this has helped … hasn’t got rid of them but made more bearable… at least now I’m not in bed 5 days out of 7 .. only 2 or 3 so that is a bit better … the headaches are still there but I can deal with them a bit better .. but what happens when it wears off and I have to wait at least 3 months for another one….

We are here to tell the tell but life has changed so much…..during my operation I hemridged and my surgeon had to put some screws in my head… but though a nerve instead… not his fault he saved. My life but it Hurts……
Can’t work … lost all confidence… and can’t stand anything loud…
I feel a burdon to everyone
Cancel everyone and everything…
People can’t see pain… I haven’t got A broken leg which people can see….
I’m going to were a badge…..
Life is for living I wish I felt well enough to live it ….

Good luck everyone
Xxx xxx

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