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Losing my Uncle

Published on May 1, 2016 in Share Your Story

It started with a headache about 18 months ago. I was on my way back home from school and my Mom told me I would be coming home to bad news, my uncle had a brain tumor. They told us that they would do surgery on it, but “It was like roots, and they couldn’t get it all out.” They told us he had the most aggressive tumor; grade 4 Glioblastoma. For months I was in denial, how could someone who lived a healthy life, was hardworking and loved his family get diagnosed with this at the age of 46? I was questioning my faith and hurting. I was thinking about holidays without him and every time our family would get together I would think “Is this the last time?” Although I would think this, I would be filled with hope that everything would be okay, even though they gave him 15 months to live. He fought a long and hard battle, and through it all he still managed to keep a smile on his face and fill rooms with laughter. My uncle died on May 3rd and I still feel like it’s all a bad dream. I miss him so much and I pray everyday that there will be a cure, so that no one else has to see a loved one suffer so tremendously.

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