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Loss, Acceptance and Gratitude

Published on February 19, 2020 in Share Your Story

My story begins at a place of Loss.

In 2001, I had experienced a miscarriage after 12 weeks of carrying and preparing for a child.

Within two months I was still nauseated, with what I assumed was morning sickness still. I was concerned and saw my Doctor; he ruled out a pregnancy and suggest I have my tubes tied and that I see a gastroenterology. Studies were done, blood was taken, my first colonoscopy when I was 31 years old.

I was referred to many Doctors over the next 3 years, and given medication to try, to no avail. I had H-pylori twice and pain that was unbelievable.

I was finally sent to an ENT who scheduled an MRI of my brain. In 2004 I finally had some kind of answers, (DX Multiple Sclerosis or Brain Tumor.) and was scheduled for MRI with and without Contrast and was referred to Cedar Sinai.

In 2005 I saw World Renowned Doctor Keith Black at Cedar Sinai, who determined that he had seen this type of case once before and said “We will get aggressive if IT gets aggressive.” He Gave me some piece of mind.

I continued to have chronic nausea with vomiting and all that comes with my Gastro functions rising. A Biopsy in May 2007 concluded that I had a 2cm in Diameter mass that is pushing/filling the particular space that controls my gastro functions. It was a Benign Astrocytoma.

I am now monitored annually with a Brain MRI, blood work and evaluation.

I have the best Doctors and support system. I am so grateful to my Children, Family and friends who truly understand my need to accept that THIS IS ME. My Spirits are high. It amazes me to see so many brave warriors out there!

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