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Loss of Brother

Published on March 25, 2016 in Share Your Story

Loss of Brother


I am writing you today, as a long shot in the dark, for advice and guidance and I am prepared to write you every week to gain your attention. I recently turned 29, moved back to my home town for what I thought was my pivotal change in my professional career. I have worked for Defense Contractors for about 10 years which I networked my way into while working at the Air Force base golf course from age 16 to 21. I met many powerful and kind people who passed along my resume and personal recommendations that helped me gain my first professional position with Booz Allen Hamilton in 2012. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business, which I completed at an online University due to the illness of my brother and the need for me to move back home to help. I completed my Masters Degree in Project Management in June of 2015 and this has seemed to greatly improve my stature in the business world, yet I find with each career advancement I am not taken seriously by the men in charge. My educational accomplishments took longer than I would have liked, and like most people, I am under a mountain of student loan debt. I have worked diligently in every position I have to be an asset, grow and advance into what I consider a successful adult. Being a 29 year old female in the Government sector is not easy, but I am the daughter of a Retired Marine, and I have been well prepared. I have private as well as federal student loans that loom over my head as well as my parents’ who co-signed. We recently reached out to a man who is trying to negotiate and lower the payment amounts because they are astronomical and impossible. While I have stayed gainfully employed since I graduated High School in 2005, and increased my salary with each move by at least 7 thousand dollars, the student loan debt leaves me feeling like a failure. I want to grow faster, get my hands on more opportunities so that I am more stable financially and in a position to be Leader of a successful firm.
While my parents have promised to assist me in my student loan payments, they do not have much of their own. My Dad has been the sole provider my entire life for my Mom, brothers and I. They assist my oldest brother in the repayment of his police academy loans, and are repaying student loans from my brother who ultimately passed away due to his brain tumor 4 years ago. My family has never been rich and has faced many hardships with multiple illnesses and death. I want my parents to spend their money on their dreams and prepare for retirement; not be burdened by me.
My greatest wish is to make my parents proud. It does not sit well with me that they should worry about my debt. I am proud of the Degrees I obtain and I want to put them to use. The problem is that I have been pigeon holed, offered jobs that keep me in an administrative role and I am tired of it. While the pay and benefits are great, I do not feel whole when I’m not doing what I consider to be great work. I am sure you receive correspondence from millions due to your success, and I understand that I am one of many in need. The difference is that I want to work my way out of this debt – I am not asking for handouts. You are an icon, role model and success story of what hard work can bring into a person’s life. I want a chance to put my tenacity and dreams into practice. It would be a dream to have you as a mentor, work under your supervision and tutelage. My boyfriend is currently in the Dayton Police Academy and on track to graduate in April 2016. We are planning for the future, wanting to be pillars of pride to our families and do great service before we die. Should you have the chance to read my plea, it is my greatest hope to speak with you and receive your advice on how to propel myself forward. You are a man of action and integrity and it would be a great honor to work for you. God Bless and Best Wishes on your Campaign Trail!

Emily Rayburn
(937) 763-7365

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