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Luckier Than Most

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Luckier Than Most


Last year at the age of 55, after having a constant headache and feeling off balance, my doctor sent me for an MRI. The radiologist found a mass the size of a golf ball on my brain stem. I was stunned, as was my husband and our four children! After meeting with five neurosurgeons, my surgery was scheduled for April 26, 2011. I learned that my tumor was a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma which rarely occurs in adults and is the least dangerous of all brain tumors – what a blessing!

My recovery was very difficult at times and about the most that I notice a year later are some issues with my balance, problems with attention, and headaches that are probably stress related – more blessings! I will always have to be careful that I don’t fall, but that’s not so bad. Also, I was in good physical condition before the surgery so I was able to get back on the golf course two months after surgery! I just saw my neurosurgeon last week and my MRI showed no re-growth and only some fluid by my brain stem. I feel different than I used to feel, but I think in time I’ll get used to it. To this day when I tell people I had a brain tumor – they are shocked. I am one blessed and extremely lucky person!

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