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Medulloblastoma – Our Daughter’s Journey

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Medulloblastoma – Our Daughter’s Journey


Our only child was diagnosed with medulloblastoma within a week of her sixth birthday. She is now ten and a half, but we live in fear of a relapse as hers is an aggressive brain tumour. Having had three surgeries, six and a half weeks of radiation to her head and spine as well as nine cycles of chemotherapy over the course of more than one year, she has suffered the loss of her high frequency hearing, permanent damage to her thyroid and has tinnitus.

We have also noticed her processing speed is slower and only time will tell the effects of acquired brain injury which are complex and last a lifetime. Paediatric cancer research is severely underfunded! In our short time living in this new reality, we have lost four childhood friends, three of whom were diagnosed with a brain tumour.

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